Treat your lawn the way nature intended.

RealGreen’s customized, common-sense approach treats the whole lawn, from the soil up. We’ll improve and maintain your turf with as many organic and natural products and practices as possible. Just like you, we want your lawn to be barefoot-safe for your family, friends and pets. We also strive to minimize impact on your well water, and the beautiful Lakes Region environment.


A personalized, tailored approach: another RealGreen difference.

Some customers are surprised to learn that we don't have a "program" or one-size-fits-all monthly service. At RealGreen, we understand every lawn is different and has unique needs. We start with a thorough analysis of your grass and soil, assess your needs and make recommendations based on what it takes to keep your lawn healthy and meet your expectations.

See for yourself — call or email today for your free lawn and soil analysis.

Why choose organic and natural lawn care?

RealGreen’s lawn management solutions can be a much safer alternative to hazardous chemicals. Better for your lawn, better for your family and better for the environment. Chemicals and pesticide residues used on your lawn can track into your home and contaminate surfaces, increasing your exposure.

According to, most of the commonly used lawn pesticides are linked with cancer, birth defects, reproductive effects, liver or kidney damage, and neurotoxicity. Many of these same pesticides have been detected in groundwater and can leach into drinking water sources.

A healthy lawn has its advantages.

The right care for your lawn will not only keep it looking great, but healthy too. You’ll avoid issues like fungus, disease, pests and thinning — all of which can require chemicals or further treatment. RealGreen takes the holistic approach:

  • Watering — Correct watering is key. Underwatering encourages weed growth, while too much water can lead to fungus.
  • Mowing — Mowing to the correct blade height, knowing when to bag clippings and realizing the importance of sharp cutting blades are all important.
  • Feeding — It’s essential to know the correct nutrients for your grass and soil type.
  • Aeration — This process relieves compaction and aids nutrient uptake.
  • Disease and pest management — RealGreen uses minimal chemicals — or none at all — and applies products as needed in spot or flood applications.

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